Pan-Roasted Bratwurst with Sweet and Sour Red Cabbage & Crispy Potatoes

This week, my Blue Apron box included a fairly simple meal for the Superbowl: Pan Roasted Bratwurst with Sweet and Sour Red Cabbage and Crispy Potatoes. I was VERY nervous about this meal because despite living in Wisconsin for a year out of my life, I’ve never had bratwurst. Plus, I’ve never been a fan of cabbage and the whole grain mustard thing was new to me.

The meal was super easy to prepare –  prep to table took about 40 minutes. When I sat down to eat it, I really thought that I would only like the potatoes (who doesn’t like roasted potatoes?!) To my surprise, I LOVED this meal. The cabbage had a sweet and tangy taste and the brats were actually pretty tasty.

Admittedly, I cooked the brats a bit longer than the directions stated because I prefer my meat to be brown and a bit crispy.

I wasn’t a fan of the whole grain mustard – the vinegar taste was too prominent.

I would definitely cook this again – but I would skip the whole grain mustard.

As usual, Blue Apron has no idea that I exist. I paid for the food out of my pocket AND decided to share the results of my masterpiece with you!Image

My Imaginary Self

Not long ago, I received an e-mail from LearnVest, the site that helps folks, particularly women, get their finances in shape titled, “Why Your Imaginary Self is Sabotaging Your Finances,” and it was by far the most funny and real articles I think I’ve ever read. And, it described my financial choices to a tee.

For years, I’ve purchased items that made so much sense at the time, but I’ve never, ever used. And, to this day, many of these things are sitting in some lonely Groupon account gathering dust.

As an ode to this LearnVest article, I’m sharing eight items I purchased for my imaginary self, but never used. Here goes!

t460x279I signed up for a Groupon to take an equestrian class in Northern Illinois. Never mind that I’ve never been on a horse and have absolutely no desire to ever be on a horse. I thought I would look totally kick ass in my riding boots living out some Kentucky Derby dream that I’ve never honestly had. I have no idea what I was thinking. After a carriage ride that I thought would be romantic, but ended up making me nauseous, I realized that I don’t even like horses. $30 wasted.

2. Ethiopian Food

t100x100After spending a few years traveling for work, I was feeling mighty worldly. So much so that good ole’ burgers and fries were no longer good enough for me. I came across a Groupon for 2 at an Ethiopian restaurant and saw myself traveling to this east African country through bites of authentic cuisine.  When I purchased this, it totally slipped my mind that I’ve had Ethiopian before and I didn’t like it. $29 wasted.

3. Burger

My very first Groupon was for a burger joint in my former neighborhood. I never went. Now the restaurant is closed. This one doesn’t even deserve a picture.

4. Raw Vegan Cooking

For about two seconds of my life last year, I dated a guy who was a raw vegan. And during those two seconds, I tried my hardest to adopted his no dairy, no meat, no cooking lifestyle. Even to the point of signing up for raw vegan cooking classes and giving our unborn, unfertilized children African warrior names. My love affair with the raw vegan clearly didn’t last very long. I actually took the step to register for the classes, but I never showed up.

5. Hand Car Wash & Detail

I thought I would be that girl who would run her errands on Saturday mornings in my Lululemon gear, then head to the car wash while sipping on my freshly squeezed veggie juice. I never, ever became that girl. My car, whose name is Desire, is lucky if she gets washed seasonally. Now that I’ve moved to the other side of town, I’ll never redeem these car washes. $20 wasted.

6. Yoga sessions

I absolutely *heart* yoga. I truly believe it’s one of the absolute best practices in the world. To prove it, I purchased a Groupon to a hot yoga studio while I already had a membership. Plus, I picked up another Groupon to a competing yoga studio just down the street because it has a ton of great reviews on Yelp. Guess what? I don’t even like hot yoga anymore and the other studio does not have classes that are convenient. Go figure.

7. Pole dancing

Two years ago, I purchased a discount certificate for pole dancing classes. I totally forgot about it and actually signed up for a membership at said pole studio. Geez, another waste.

8. Pin-up girl photo shoot. OK, I actually tried to redeem this one, but the studio NEVER called me back. Boo to them! I think I’ll report them to Groupon.

Now that I know that I randomly purchase crap in the moment when I really don’t need it, I can figure out what to do about it.

Subscription Addiction

I’m in my living room lovingly thinking about my recent vacation to Florida, then out of nowhere, I realized that I’m addicted to subscriptions. I think it’s becoming more prevalent as I determine how I want to budget my money so I can “Get the Fuck Out of Debt” by December 2014. With subscriptions, I […]

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Morrocan Beef Tagine

  When I saw this recipe as part of this week’s Blue Apron delivery, I had some serious doubts about whether this would be a hit for me. After all, I have never had North African food and I had no idea what Tagine was – actually, I still don’t know but it sure is […]

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Comcast Refuses to Break Up with Me

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Coconut Thai Shrimp Soup

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January “Get the Fuck out of Debt” Update

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Project Get The Fuck Out of Deck – December Update

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My New Shopping Habit

in yesterday’s post, I talked about my goal of getting of our debt. While I am still developing what that plan will actually look like, I do have a new passion for fashion named Ellie. Ellie is the most amazing fitness clothing site. The clothing is fashionable, uniquely designed and well made. And, by joining […]

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Update: Project Get the Fuck Out Debt

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